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Mutsvangwa Chides CCC Over “Fixation” With Politics

ZANU PF spokesperson says CCC is seeking power with no plan to address the country’s economic challenges

Speaking in a wide-ranging interview with the South Africa-based Sunday Times, Mutsvangwa said CCC leader Nelson Chamisa has never been seen engaging business leaders to invest in the country.

Mutsvangwa claimed that the opposition’s ineptitude is also evidenced by its failure to run local authorities in urban areas for the past two decades. Said Mutsvangwa:

The biggest failure is the opposition; they have one fixation — ‘we want power at the state house’.

For two decades, all these towns were run by the opposition because they were winning the elections … For two decades I have never seen … [Nelson] Chamisa with a businessman or even signing a contract with a businessman for investment.

For two decades, all these towns were run by the opposition because they were winning the elections.

The towns have decayed. They have become dormitories for people and some factories have been turned into churches, and we also have rubbish which reaches to mountains.

Responding to Mutsvangwa’s comments, CCC spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere told the Sunday Times that ZANU PF has destroyed the country’s economy and pushed millions of Zimbabweans deeper into poverty. She said:

ZANU PF has systematically destroyed the economy and livelihoods of Zimbabweans.

We have over 49% of Zimbabweans living in abject poverty. Over US$2.2bn is looted every year through corruption and illicit financial flows.

The CCC has no time or interest in taking part in ZANU PF’s corruption Olympics.

Our only focus is on how to restore dignity to Zimbabwean citizens, put the people’s welfare at the centre and use the nation’s wealth to invest in much-needed development.

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