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Mwana Oburitsa Matatya Instead Of Poo After Being Allegedly Bewitched by Landlady!

Mwana Oburitsa Matatya Instead Of Poo After Being Allegedly Bewitched by Landlady!

There was pandemonium in Eastview yesterday after scores of residents gathered at the house of a woman believed to have caused a five-year-old boy to pass out living frogs as stool.

Eva Makoni, 32, who is believed to be a sex worker, had to lock her house as residents were baying for her blood.

She was later assaulted and lost her mobile phone during the melee.

The boy’s mother, Monica Dick, 24, claimed that Eva, her former landlady, had ‘bewitched’ her son after a misunderstanding.

Monica told H-Metro that her son’s ordeal has been going on for three months.

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“I am appealing for help, I have no one to turn to, my husband and I have been witnessing this horror for the past three weeks and we have no solution.

“Mwana arikungoti aka gara gara oti mama ndiri kumarwa obva atobuditsa matatya,” she said.

The boy was allegedly sodomised by Eva’s child, sometime last year, but the case was dismissed by the courts of law for lack of merit.

Eva denied ‘bewitching’ the boy but claims the boy’s mother was bitter because she had ordered them to leave her house.

She also denied engaging in prostitution or harvesting her clients’ semen for sale.

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“My life is in danger because I forced Monica and her family to leave my house,” said Eva.

“Our misunderstanding arose following a case of sodomy, in which my son was found not guilty, and that angered Monica and her husband.

“They consulted self-styled prophets to come up with falsehoods that I had bewitched their son.

“I have never used charms or harvested sperms as alleged.

“I stay in Beitbridge and am only here for work and not for selling harvested sperms as claimed.

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“Ndinozvishandira ndoga handiite zvechipfambi nekuti zvema dollar hazvitenge stand yandinayo pano.

“Monica is being mislead by self-styled prophets who are targeting her husband’s salary.

“People nearly killed me because of false claims.

“Handina kuzvarisa mwana wake matatya sezvaarikuudza nyika, akarwadziwa nekuti ndakamudzinga pano.”

However, some residents who know Eva said she was a commercial sex worker and she was once chased away by her counterparts for using juju.

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“I witnessed the frogs coming out of the boy after a prophet came to help him.

“This is pure witchcraft and she has to pay for putting this boy through all this,” said one of the resident.

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1 Comment

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