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Nengomasha, Samantha divorce row rages on!

Retired footballer Tinashe Nengomasha and Samantha Mtukudzi’s decree for divorce has finally been granted by the High Court.

The pair solemnised their marriage on Christmas Eve in 2011.

Samantha instigated the divorce proceedings in 2019 before revising the same in 2021.

She claimed the two’s marriage had broken down and they had no prospects of getting back together.

High Court Judge, Justice Neville Wamambo, granted the decree of divorce last week after parties reached an agreement.

Nengomasha has been awarded custody of their two minor children aged 15 and 17.

Samantha will only have access to the children during weekends, public holidays and half of every school holiday.

She has also lost her bid to get a Nissan vehicle, after the court ruled in favour of the former Warriors midfielder.

Nengomasha is set to get both the Nissan Navara and a BMW 125i Coupe.

The two are now expected to share equally proceeds from their Hillside home with an option that Nengomasha can buy out Samantha within a period of 90 days.

If Nengomasha fails, the court has given Samantha 30 days to buy out her ex-husband.

“A decree of divorce be and is hereby granted.

“Nengomasha be and is hereby granted custody of the minor children.

“The issues regarding access, maintenance and division of the assets of the parties shall be governed by the consent paper filed of record.

“The consent paper signed by Samantha on the 16th of January 2023 and on the 10th of March 2023, be and is hereby incorporated as part of this order” ruled Justice Wamambo.

In terms of the children’s maintenance, the two have agreed that they’ll both contribute school fees, food, clothes and medical expenses until the children turn 18.

However, if Samantha fails to make her equal contribution, she has been ordered to pay Nengomasha US$50 per child per month towards maintenance of their children.

The maintenance will also be reviewed to US$100 after Samantha receives her 50 percent share from the sale of the Hillside property.

“It is accepted and understood that Samantha and Nengomasha should, in equal shares, pay their children’s invoiced school fees inclusive of school fees top ups, levies and all other school related expenses until the children attain majority or become self-supporting, whichever occurs last.

“It is also accepted and understood that Samantha and Nengomasha should, in equal shares, contribute to the upkeep of their children; more specifically providing food, clothing and medical costs through medical aid society cover, within a month of the granting of the decree of divorce order until the children attain majority or become self- supporting, whichever occurs last.

“Notwithstanding the above Clauses, in the event that Samantha is not yet able to afford and be able to make equal contribution per the said Clauses, she shall pay monetary monthly contribution to Nengomasha until the children attain majority or become self-supporting, whichever occurs last as follows:

“US$50 per child per month from the date of the Consent Paper; and increase it to US$100.00 per child per month from the date of accessing her 50 percent share in No. 17 Gibbons Avenue, Hillside,” reads the order.

The judgment was silent on the Maltese dog which Samantha was claiming.

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