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Netherlands Chants ‘Munomupireiko Doro’ in World Cup Qualification Celebration

Netherlands Chants ‘Munomupireiko Doro’ in World Cup Qualification Celebration

The Netherlands cricket team stole Zimbabweans’ hearts with their exuberant celebration, vibing and singing along to a Shona song called “Munomupireiko Doro” to honour their qualifying for the 2017 Cricket World Cup.

A viral video showed the joyful moment when the Netherlands cricket squad passionately sung and vibed along to the Shona song inside a bus. The heartfelt performance had Zimbabweans in stitches, who were immensely impressed by the team’s embracing of local culture.

Zimbabweans, touched by the Netherlands’ appreciation of their traditional song, congratulated the team on their well-deserved World Cup qualification.

The admiration extended beyond the cricketing achievement, as many vowed to support the Netherlands during their upcoming match at the Queens Sports Club in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe on Sunday.

Watch the video below as the Netherlands Cricket team joyously celebrates their qualification for the upcoming Cricket World Cup vibing to “Munomupireiko Doro”

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Reactions flooded social media platforms, with Zimbabweans expressing their joy and gratitude towards the Dutch team.

One comment reflected on the bond formed through this unexpected connection, stating, “We might have lost a World Cup ticket but we gained new friends and made memories.”

Another comment praised the Netherlands’ achievement, remarking, “Well done Netherlands, well-deserved.”

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The infectious spirit and cultural exchange showcased by the Netherlands cricket team have sparked excitement and unity among cricket fans across borders. Shona music enthusiasts celebrated the growing international recognition of their language, with one comment playfully suggesting, “Shona slowly replacing Naija language,” while another added, “Shona is becoming international. Give it 5 years.”

Check out some of the reactions;


The lovely thing is they are taking this song to the world cup..

We might have lost a World Cup ticket but we gained new friends and made memories
Ko kuzogona kuti hwahwa😂😂. Well done Netherlands, well-deserved.
I’m in love with Dutch. You have gained a fan from Zim, you’re a vibe

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Lyrics are not lyricing😂😂😂



They probably won’t forget their time in Zim… inhamo hayo asi kanyika kanofaya ikaka😂😂

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