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Nicolas Anelka: how to play for 14 clubs in 19 years

Nicolas Anelka

Pure football legends are those who devote their entire professional career to one club. They delight and are admired by fans. 1xBet – best Nigeria bet site offers such matches. Other players are not so much dedicated to one team, and therefore wander between tournaments and even continents. One of them was the Frenchman Nicolas Anelka, but despite all this, his career can hardly be called ”unsuccessful”. At the age of 15, he signed his first professional contract with Paris Saint-Germain. He spent only three seasons in the French capital, entering the field 10 times. However, his performances during that period were enough for dozens of clubs from all over Europe to become interested in him. As a result, the forward moved to London in 1997, where he played for Arsenal for two years, being one of the main players of the Gunners.

At that time, in Nigeria, it wasn’t yet possible to place bets at the best company of 1xBet, and therefore the fans of the football player had to look for alternative options. It’s much easier now. It was easy for Anelka too. Due to his outstanding performances at Arsenal, he was able to attract the attention of Real Madrid but stayed in the capital of Spain for only a year.

In 2000, he returned to Paris, from where he joined Liverpool on loan, but signed the three-year contract with Manchester City in 2002. Later, when Anelka played for Fenerbahce and Bolton, many thought that the Frenchman’s career was coming to an end. However, this was not the case, because 2008 was the year when he moved to Chelsea. It was in London that he turned back the clock, and his team was considered the favorite of almost every match at He played 125 matches for the Blues, scoring 39 goals in four seasons across all tournaments. After completing this stage of his career as a striker, he went to earn money in China and India, simultaneously managing to appear in Juventus and West Bromwich. Even though he was not the main player in France, he still managed to play his 69 matches, scoring 14 goals. Of course, 1xBet never considered him one of the contenders for the top scorer competition. But in general, we can safely say that the Frenchman’s career was quite successful.

What titles did the footballer manage to win?

Naturally, given the huge number of teams for which Nicolas Anelka played, you need to understand that he didn’t have time to gain a foothold in one of them at the level he should have. This is the same as playing various slots at the online casino ng on You don’t know exactly what will happen next. However, this footballer managed to:

  • win the Premier League with Chelsea and Arsenal, as well as the Turkish league;
  • win the Champions League with Real Madrid;
  • become the European champion with the French national team in 2000.

In general, it was a good career, given the fact that he remained in the memory of the fans of many teams. If after Anelka finished his career you are not interested in betting on sports, 1xBet offers online casino ng on its website. This is an excellent alternative to betting.

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