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Nyandoro’s Motor Vehicle Case Set to End Tomorrow

Thobekani Mpofu

A Harare Provincial magistrate is tomorrow expected to deliver judgement in the matter for Ronald Nyandoro who is facing allegations of stealing a Motor vehicle.

Nyandoro through his lawyer Mr Admire Rubaya pleaded not guilty to the charges during trial saying he was given the car by the Complainant James Landon as payment for the services he rendered to him.

During trial the State’s first witness Mr Kirk West told the court that he believes Landon who was punishing him for revealing what transpired during the vehicle deal.

He said to date he has lost two cars to the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC), who claimed that their papers were not in order.
He added that Landon was abusing the criminal justice system wily nilly.

The second witness Mr Lance Malloch Brown during cross examination said he does not know anything in Landon and Nyandoro’s deals.
Mr Brown denied knowing of any agreement between Landon and Nyandoro ,he also said he doesn’t know who has the original registration book.

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Nyandoro denied the allegations that he was entrusted with the alleged motor vehicle, a Toyota Landcruiser AET 3438, for him to use and then return to the complainant.

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Nyandoro told the court that there was no trust agreement as alleged by Landon saying he was given the motor vehicle by the complainant as his payment for his consultancy services during the dispute that the complainant had with another businessman, Adam Woodington, which resulted in the complainant being arrested.

He said he assisted the complainant as his consultant to carry out various duties for the complainant and for his benefit.

He added that he became the owner of the motor vehicle after being given it by the complainant sometime in November 2022, as payment for his aircraft consultancy fees.

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He said the complainant further gave him the duplicate registration book in the year 2023.

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