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Olinda Chapel Fires Shots at Shadhaya

Olinda Chapel Fires Shots at Shadhaya

Olinda Chapel became the talk of social media after she posted a message congratulating Stunners on his birthday. The messages sparked controversy with many citing that she was disrespecting her husband.

Shadhaya went further and even attacked Tytan for not being a man enough and letting things slide.

“What’s happening with Olinda is real life impersonation of How Stella Got Her Groove Back

When Olinda got with Tytan, her self esteem was very low, she had just been cheated by her ex husband Stunner with a younger sexy woman. Whilst she was morbidly obese at the time, she felt undesirable, but Tytan accepted her with her cellulite

Fast forward, she would eventually go for surgery to drain the extra fat & cut off the extra skin, boom she now looks sexy. Automatically got her self esteem back, she’s now start to realise she was with Tytan out of desperation

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She has upgraded her physique & now she wants a man who genuinely matches up to her perceived level & sadly that man isn’t Tytan

Lesson: Don’t save her, because once she’s healed up, you’ll be discarded ruthlessly. Learn OR perish!!!”

Olinda has had a perfect response to all this drama, in her latest message she said Shadhaya is a clueless human being who needs help.

She even urged him to draft a business proposal so that she can assess it and try to finance him.


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