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Pay Rise For Civil Servants Imminent – Minister Mavima

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The Government is “looking at all possibilities” of cushioning civil servants, with a salary increase in Zimbabwe dollars and an adjustment of the US dollar allowance “imminent”.

This was said by Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare Minister Paul Mavima in an interview with State media. Mavima said:

As has always been the case with the Government, our workers are important to us. As we speak, Treasury is working on the issue.

We are looking at all possibilities, including effecting an increase of the US dollar, as well as a pay increase in local currency. The consultations I am talking about do not take a long time.

Once we have our numbers from Treasury, we will immediately submit them to the President for his consideration and adjustment before the National Joint Negotiation Council convenes for negotiations.

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A pay rise is imminent; public service workers need to be paid handsomely so that they do their job well.

We, as Government, have an obligation to meet the needs of our workers so that they will not engage in corruption and “kungwavha-ngwavha” (hustling).

We expect workers to discharge their duties diligently.

Zimbabwe Confederation of Public Sector Trade Unions (ZCPSTU) president Cecilia Alexander said negotiations with Government for a pay rise will resume soon. She said:

As you may be aware, our salaries, especially the local currency component, have been wiped away by inflation, and that alone calls for a salary increase.

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However, what is on the ground is that both the US dollar component and the local component need adjustment.

The Government seems to be promising a good package that will be enough to cater for workers’ needs and they are also saying there is room for backdating the salaries.

In April, the Government awarded its workers a 100 percent salary increment in Zimbabwe dollars, and increased their COVID-19 allowance from US$200 to US$250, except for health sector workers.

Teachers were also awarded an additional US$80 monthly teaching allowance payable in local currency at the prevailing exchange rate.

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