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People eagerly anticipating the bout between Khanyi Mbau and Zodwa Wabantu

People eagerly anticipating the bout between Khanyi Mbau and Zodwa Wabantu

They previously had a common guy. Zodwa Wabantu Libram had an affair with Mandla Mthembu when he was married to actress and TV anchor Khanyi Mbau. Since then, the two have put the past behind them and are at peace.

On October 22, 2023, the two are scheduled to square off in a celebrity boxing exhibition at the Ridge Hotel in Mpumalanga.

The Infinity International Boxing exhibition, organised by Arnold “Squire” Nododile, will be the first of its sort since the celebrity boxing exhibitions started. It will celebrate women in boxing.

The celebrity exhibitions started with rapper Cassper Nyovest and YouTuber Slik Talk, followed by Cassper and Naak Musiq, who walked off with the belt and followed by Cassper Nyovest and rapper Priddy Ugly at Sun Bet Arena.

In previous interviews, Zodwa spoke candidly about how she met the father of Khanyi’s child and her ex Mandla, whom she later had an affair with while he was married. Zodwa and Mandla’s affair lasted for almost three years and in the end, Khanyi divorced him. But it was not due to his affair with Zodwa, she admitted.

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Both Zodwa and Khanyi admitted to enjoying the benefits that Mandla’s wealth came with at the time as he was providing for both. Mandla eventually lost his wealth in an alleged offshore investment and vanished. Khanyi recently told ZiMoja that she does not know Mandla’s whereabouts and that her daughter does not have a relationship with him at all.

“I don’t know where Mandla is. My daughter does not know her father. She has not seen him ever since she was a baby. She has no recollection of him.

All she has is old pictures from when we were young.’ Khanyi said it’s almost like that part of her life was a dream. “I genuinely don’t know where Mandla is. I feel like he was a dream.

Did he even happen? No calls, no texts, nothing. My daughter, who is my partner in this life thing, is 16 years old now.”

Boxing expert Siyanda Hlasela said in a celebrity match, both stars are not professionals and anything might happen. “In most cases, the celebrities would not fight in the same match because of their weight and height difference, but because it’s a demonstration, people get away with it,’ he said.

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“In most cases, the stars are also not trained or have not fought in the ring before and are not necessarily fit for the job. But it is an exhibition, and it is purely for entertainment.

We just hope the two are safe and last longer than one round as we have seen with other stars in the past.’ Siyanda said there is a great longing for growing the female boxing industry.

“As we all know, women in sport have been treated differently from men for years and we hope this changes as women deserve their flowers.

Many talented female boxers can even knock out some men. So, we wish these two ladies, good luck.’

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