Police Officer ‘Assistant Inspector Ngonidzashe Chikosha’ Denies Ex Access to Son

A cop stands accused of denying his son the right to meet his mother for 15 years following a misunderstanding with his ex-wife.

Assistant Inspector Ngonidzashe Chikosha, separated with the boy’s mother, Sarudzai Nyangoni, in 2007.

Sarudzai said she had a quarrel with Ngonidzashe in the Harare Central Business District, and he forcibly took the boy and disappeared.

Sarudzai told H-Metro that Ngonidzashe has been denying her access to her son ever since.

“I regret getting married to a guardian of law,” said Sarudzai.

“He has been bullying me, threatening me and misinterpreting acts and sections of law to me to bar and deprive me of my right to see my son.

“I got married to another man, and that alone added salt to injury, as Ngonidzashe found an avenue to continue denying me access to my child.

“I do not know whether my son is alive or not because I last saw him when he was one year six months.

“Arikundishungurudza uye kushungurudza mwana. Every day anondiudza mashoko echibhanditi achiviga mwana,”said Sarudzai.

Ngonidzashe professed ignorance of the child’s whereabouts.

He said Sarudzai is the one who went with the child.

“Sarudzai is my ex-wife, and we were blessed with a son, and I named him after me,” said Ngonidzashe.

“We had a misunderstanding over some issues I am not comfortable to disclose right now.

“Sarudzai went away with the child, and for the past years, she has been visiting police stations I will be assigned to, demanding to see the child.

“To me, it’s strange because on the day she went away, she left with the child, I thought the child was not mine. She is the one who is supposed to tell me where the child is.

“I am a police officer, and as we speak, I am in police uniform that I have no reason to lie about this matter,” said Ngonidzashe.

However, sources close to Ngonidzashe told H-Metro that the cop had vowed to keep the child away from Sarudzai.

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