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Presbyterian High School Send Kids Home For Not Paying Teacher Incentives

Presbyterian High School Send Kids Home For Not Paying Teacher Incentives

Two Presbyterian High School senior teachers yesterday barred students who hadn’t paid teachers’ incentives from boarding the bus back to school yesterday.

Schools open today for the first term of 2023 and most boarders travelled to their different schools yesterday.

Students and their parents, who failed to pay, were left stranded at the bus holding bay, opposite Colcom, in Belvedere where the school bus picked up others for school.

The two senior teachers, only identified as Mr Mashiringani and Madam Gamariel, sat on chairs by the school bus entrance to make sure every child paid US$30, receipted as a “wellness fee”, before boarding.

“Vabereki kana musina kubhadhara mari ye wellness mwana wako haasikupinda mubhazi,” Mashiringani told parents and guardians.

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“If you have an excuse, please call the headmaster since he is the one who gave us those orders.

“If you paid school fees only, let it be clear that we want US$30 for your child to board the bus.

“If you don’t have it now, that means you will find alternative ways to take your child to school tomorrow,” he said.

In another incident, some parents of Nyadire High School attacked the School Development Committee (SDC) for failing to provide enough buses to take students to school.

Two buses provided were not enough to accommodate the children and their luggage.

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They expressed their anger to one of the teachers identified as Mr Tigere, who is in the school’s transport team.

“Can you see that our children are the only ones travelling late because of poor planning?” one of the parents said.

“The SDC team is failing us because ZUPCO buses are there for hire so that our children travel safely with their luggage and on time.

“Some of the luggage is now exposed to rain because of poor management,” she told Tigere.

In other news,

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Highfield School Head ‘James Mukwirimba’ Sends Personal Assistant Mjolo Picture

James Mukwirimba, the headmaster of Kudzanayi Primary School, clashed with the woman’s husband, Crispen Zhou, after he saw the picture in messages sent to Privillage Zhou.

Highfield School Head'James Mukwirimba' Sends Personal Assistant Mjolo Picture

“We had a quarrel whereby Crispen was accusing me of dating his wife and he called me names.

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