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Prominent SDA Artist Everton Mlalazi is surrounded by accusations of chart manipulation on Star FM. Top 20 Gospel Chart

The Star FM Gospel Top 20 Chart, a coveted platform for gospel musicians in the industry, is currently shrouded in controversy as allegations of musician Everton Mlalazi manipulating his way into the top spot have emerged. This development has raised serious concerns about the integrity of the chart and the potential influence of financial dealings over genuine popularity among listeners.

Numerous voices within the music industry have expressed their apprehensions regarding Mlalazi’s rapid ascent on the chart. They contend that his success is less a result of his music’s genuine appeal and more a product of financial influence and clandestine agreements. An anonymous artist within the industry disclosed, “There are suspicions that some Star FM producers and presenters may be on Mlalazi’s payroll, ensuring his continuous prominence, even when the quality of his work doesn’t necessarily justify its position. Such practices have the potential to erode the credibility of our music industry.”

For most artists, their journey up the music charts is a reflection of their music’s true popularity. However, Mlalazi’s seemingly effortless rise has led many to suspect that financial investments might be a significant driving force behind his chart success, overshadowing his musical merit. It is worth noting that despite being a relatively new entrant to the music scene, Mlalazi has achieved remarkable feats, such as spending an unprecedented number of weeks at number one with his song “Pfugama Unamate.”

An insider from the music industry commented, “It’s disheartening to witness someone ascend to the top of the charts through financial means rather than authentic talent and genuine fan support. These charts should ideally serve as a reflection of an artist’s impact on listeners, not their financial clout.”

Currently, Everton Mlalazi maintains the number one position on the Star FM Gospel Top 20 Chart with his track “Apo Mambo Opinda.” The allegations of manipulation and financial influence have cast a shadow of doubt over the chart’s credibility and the fairness of the competition.

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Efforts to reach out to Everton Mlalazi for comment on these allegations have been unsuccessful, leaving many in the industry and among the listenership concerned about the transparency and fairness of the charting process. The situation calls for a thorough investigation to uphold the integrity of music charts and ensure that artists’ rankings are determined by their genuine popularity and artistic merit, rather than external factors. Ultimately, such scrutiny is vital to preserving the credibility and trustworthiness of music charts, both for the artists and their audiences.

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