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Prophet Magaya’s Wife Tendai Remains Silent as Husband Faces Explosive Rape Allegations

Prophet Magaya's Wife Tendai Remains Silent as Husband Faces Explosive Rape Allegations

Harare | In the fiery cauldron of scandal, silence can speak volumes. Tendai Magaya, the enigmatic wife of famed Prophet Walter Magaya, finds herself in the eye of a tempest as her husband faces explosive allegations of rape. While accusations swirl like a cyclone around the charismatic preacher, Tendai’s reticence has ignited a storm of speculation within their inner circle.

The saga unfolded dramatically on Sunday, March 10th, when the Prophetic Healing And Deliverance Ministries (PHD) became a battleground of turmoil. Six courageous women stormed into the heart of the church’s sanctuary, disrupting the sacred tranquility with their cries of injustice. Their accusation? Walter Magaya, revered by many as a spiritual guide, stood accused of a heinous crime: rape, abuse, fraud and murder.

But this was no ordinary protest. It was a seismic event that rocked the foundations of faith and trust. As the chaos unfolded, cameras captured the raw intensity of the confrontation, revealing a clash between the beleaguered prophet’s staunch defenders and those demanding justice.

Yet, amidst the pandemonium, one figure remained conspicuously silent: Tendai Magaya. While the flames of controversy licked at her husband’s reputation, she stood like a statue, her silence echoing louder than any protest or outcry.

The accusations hurled at Walter Magaya were not isolated incidents but part of a larger pattern of alleged abuse. Nearly 100 individuals, including some Israeli investors, stepped forward with similar claims, painting a damning portrait of a man once hailed as a beacon of spiritual enlightenment.

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Prophet Magaya's Wife Tendai Remains Silent as Husband Faces Explosive Rape Allegations

As the dust settled, questions swirled around Tendai’s silence. Is it a strategic retreat, a calculated move to protect her husband’s image? Or did it betray a deeper rift within the Magaya household, a crack in the façade of marital unity?

Speculation ran rampant, fueled by whispers and conjecture. Some whispered of a woman torn between loyalty to her husband and a nagging doubt gnawing at her conscience. Others speculated darker motives, painting Tendai as the puppet master pulling the strings behind the scenes.

But amidst the intrigue, one truth remained undeniable: the scandal had pierced the veil of sanctity surrounding Prophet Magaya and his ministry. The faithful watched with bated breath, unsure of where the winds of fate would blow next.

As the saga unfolded, one thing became clear: in the crucible of scandal, silence was no longer an option. The world waited with bated breath for Tendai Magaya to break her silence and reveal the truth behind the veil of secrecy shrouding the prophet’s inner circle.

In the midst of the saga, it is also rumored that Prophet Magaya and his wife Tendai have long since parted ways and are only appearing together to maintain the facade of their money-making scheme hence her silence.

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Prophet Magaya is alleged to be name dropping the president’s name as a shield in all his cases.


Tendai Magaya is the spouse of the prominent religious leader and founder of PHD Ministries, Prophet Walter Magaya. Born Tendai Katsiga on August 20th, Prophetess Magaya, alongside her husband, Prophet Walter Magaya, is a parent to two children named Yadah Makanaka and Walter Junior. Although she is described as a “banker by profession,” little information is available regarding where or when she pursued or practiced her profession.

Popularly known as ‘Mother Tendai’ or ‘Mama Magaya,’ she holds a significant presence within the religious community.

In April 2014, reports surfaced in a local daily suggesting that Tendai accompanied her husband to Nigeria to meet the renowned Nigerian preacher, Termitope Balogun Joshua (TB Joshua), whom Prophet Walter Magaya considers his “Spiritual Father.”

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Magaya and Wife

Following this encounter, it was purported that Tendai would remain in Nigeria for two months to undergo ‘Prophetess training’ at SCOAN, TB Joshua’s church. However, these claims were swiftly refuted the following day, with assertions that SCOAN does not offer such training and that “Prophetesses are ordained by God, not by the church.”

In July 2014, Admire Mango, a senior overseer at PHD Ministries for the Chitungwiza area, chose to gift the church’s First Lady with a Landrover Discovery 4 valued at $116,000 for her upcoming birthday in August. Despite the anticipation, the vehicle was not delivered until September of that year.

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Shockingly, it later transpired that the individual contracted by Mango to import the vehicle, Upenyu Prosper Mashangwa, the managing director of Oceane Perfumes, had falsified documents submitted to the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority. Consequently, only $900 in duty was paid for the luxury vehicle.

Subsequently, the tax authority confiscated the vehicle, and Mashangwa found himself embroiled in legal proceedings.

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