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“Prophet Passion Java’s ‘Night of Shame’ – Man Of Cloth Fails to Fool Zimbabweans!

The highly anticipated “Night of Wonders” event, led by the controversial self-proclaimed prophet Passion Java, faced significant embarrassment as it concluded prematurely due to minimal attendance. Despite expectations of attracting a large crowd to the National Sports Stadium, only a handful of individuals showed up, leaving the vast arena nearly empty.

Even with efforts to drum up support, including mobilization through Zanu PF channels, interest remained tepid. Prior messages on Zanu PF social media platforms urging party members to attend failed to translate into a substantial turnout.

Passion Java, a known Zanu PF supporter recognized for his flamboyant lifestyle and provocative statements, had boldly proclaimed the event’s capacity to fill the stadium with eager followers. However, the reality starkly contradicted his assertions, leading to a humbling acknowledgment of the situation.

After a mere three hours, Java conceded, expressing a desire to conclude proceedings promptly. This decision aimed to salvage the event’s dignity and mitigate further embarrassment.

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Attendees voiced their disappointment, describing the evening as lackluster and far from the promised wonders and miracles. Social media platforms buzzed with criticism, with some questioning the wisdom of aligning with figures like Java.

Criticism extended to the association of figures like Java with President Emmerson Mnangagwa, with calls for a reevaluation of such alliances. Java’s previous attention-seeking behavior at Zanu PF rallies, including chanting provocative slogans, added to the controversy surrounding him.

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