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PVOs bill sails through Senate,awaits Mnangagwa’s assent to become law

PVOs bill sails through Senate,awaits Mnangagwa’s assent to become law

After passing the Senate with flying colors on Wednesday, the Private Voluntary Organizations (PVOs) Amendment Bill is now awaiting President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s signature.

The contentious bill has drawn conflicting opinions, with Zanu PF senators supporting it and their opposition counterparts opposing it and accusing the National Assembly of pushing the bill through without the opposition’s input or participation.

“This bill would dwarf the democratic space and puts a cap on how much local PVOs and NGOs can operate.” According to human rights defender Panashe Sambo, “NGOs deemed to be anti-government will close, and fatigue of funding will affect operations, which is a huge blow to the masses and people in need.

Justice minister Ziyambi Ziyambi told Senate Wednesday that the bill is targeting organizations who come in guise of charity but are champions of terrorism and other criminal activities bent on pushing regime change.

“This Bill does not speak to those law-abiding organisations, but those who come in the guise of charity to carry out undesirable harmful and criminal activities. For instance, we received communication from the Financial Action Taskforce that some charitable trusts are being misused as a means of channelling funds to fund terrorism and other criminal activities,” said Ziyambi.

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MDC Alliance senator Morgen Komichi urged government to enact laws that would ensure foreign organisations supporting developmental projects in the country work without interference.

CSOs had a united dissenting voice over the contents of the proposed legislation which they said does not promote “resilient,inclusive and democratic society.”

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