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Ras Caleb’s ZiG Song Pays Off As Sir Wicknell Awards Him a Car!

Ras Caleb's ZiG Song Pays Off As Sir Wicknell Awards Him a Car!

Just a week after the release of the catchy tune “ZiG Mari” by Ras Caleb, Zimbabwean entrepreneur and ZANU PF supporter Sir Wicknell has made headlines once again.

This time, not for his lavish displays of wealth or controversial social media posts, but for his commendable act of recognizing and rewarding individuals for their contributions to the ruling party.

Taking to Twitter, Sir Wicknell announced his decision to award Ras Caleb, the dancehall chanter behind “ZiG Mari,” with a brand new Toyota Aqua. The gesture serves as both recognition of Ras Caleb’s musical talent and his allegiance to the ZANU PF movement.

In his tweet, Sir Wicknell expressed his admiration for Ras Caleb’s song, describing it as “wonderful” and extending his congratulations. He wasted no time in informing Ras Caleb that his Toyota Aqua was ready for collection, emphasizing the party’s commitment to acknowledging and supporting talent within its ranks.

But Sir Wicknell’s generosity didn’t stop there. In the same tweet, he revealed his intention to award a sum of 2,000 United States Dollars to Hosiah Chipanga, a musician known for his devotion to the ruling party. This additional gesture highlights Sir Wicknell’s appreciation for individuals who actively promote the ideals and values of ZANU PF through their artistry and public engagement.

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The announcement was met with widespread praise from supporters of both Ras Caleb and ZANU PF, with many commending Sir Wicknell for his willingness to recognize and reward patriotic contributions. It underscores the importance of acknowledging talent and dedication within the party, while also incentivizing others to follow suit.

Sir Wicknell’s actions reflect a level of patriotism and generosity that cannot be ignored. By publicly honoring Ras Caleb and Hosiah Chipanga, he not only celebrates their individual achievements but also reinforces the party’s commitment to supporting its members.

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Furthermore, Sir Wicknell’s willingness to extend rewards and recognition to those who demonstrate loyalty to the ZANU PF movement sets a precedent for others to emulate. It sends a clear message that dedication and allegiance to the party are valued and will be duly acknowledged.

In the wake of this announcement, speculation abounds regarding Sir Wicknell’s future plans for rewarding party members and supporters. It is widely believed that he will continue to identify and reward individuals who contribute positively to the party’s objectives, further strengthening the bond between ZANU PF and its supporters.

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In a related development, it has been reported that entertainers Kapfupi and Extra Large have reached out to Sir Wicknell, expressing their loyalty to the ZANU PF movement and seeking similar favors. This underscores the influence that Sir Wicknell wields within the party and highlights the desire of many entertainers to align themselves with ZANU PF for potential benefits.

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