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Real Star Security Company Manager Faces Court for Alleged Fraud Using Fake Wife’s Military Rank

Thobekani Mpofu

Real Star Security Company Manager Faces Court for Alleged Fraud Using Fake Wife’s Military Rank

A court case involving alleged fraud and misrepresentation has unfolded, implicating Stephen Charakupa, an assistant operations manager at Real Star Security Company, and his wife Anymore Mauru. Charakupa appeared before Harare magistrate Mrs Ruth Moyo on Tuesday, facing charges of theft of trust property and fraud.

The accusations against Charakupa stem from a scheme where he purportedly lied about his wife’s position as a Colonel in the Ministry of Defence, claiming she was attached to ZIMRA Beitbridge. This falsehood was allegedly used to defraud an unsuspecting complainant of US$11,750.

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According to the State’s case, Charakupa and his wife concocted a plan between November 16 of the previous year and January of this year, taking advantage of the Real Star Security Company’s plans to acquire vehicles from South Africa. Charakupa approached the company’s general manager, offering to facilitate the purchase of a Nissan NP300 at a discounted rate.

The accused allegedly persuaded the company by falsely representing that his wife held a high-ranking position and had connections within government agencies. As a result, the company entrusted Charakupa with US$10,250 in cash for the vehicle purchase, but instead, he and his wife reportedly misappropriated the funds for their own use.

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Additionally, Charakupa is accused of misleading the complainant about the sale of 21 hectares of farming land in Banket, claiming that his connections in the Ministry of Lands could secure the transaction. The complainant handed over US$1,500 for this purpose but never received the promised offer letter.

The deception unraveled when the complainant sought clarification from the Ministry of Lands, Agriculture, Fisheries, Water, and Rural Development, only to discover that Charakupa and his wife had no authority to act on behalf of the ministry. Subsequently, the matter was reported to the police, leading to Charakupa’s arrest.

Charakupa’s wife was also apprehended on the same allegations, and both are expected to appear in court today for a bail application as the legal proceedings continue.

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