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Rusape Married Cheats Photos On Sale!

Photos of mjolo moments of an illicit affair between a dealer, Farai Bepe, and his lover Egifa Njanike, are being sold in and around Rusape.

Both Farai and Egifa are married and reside in Gandanzara District.

Egifa told H-Metro that Farai seduced her into an illicit affair during a time when her marriage was on the rocks.

She said Farai recorded their erotic moments and saved them on a memory card that didn’t belong to him.

“There are two villagers making money from my pictures with Farai,” said Egifa.

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“Caleb and Regis leaked the pictures to my husband first and then began selling them to interested people.

“My husband was hurt, but I apologised for cheating on him.

“He left for Harare without saying much and I am expecting him to return tomorrow.”

She added: “Our marriage was going through challenges and that’s why I ended up giving in to Farai’s sexual advances.

“Farai took the pictures and forgot that the memory card was not his.

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“Akazodzosera muzukuru wake memory card saka ndiye akazoita kuti maphotos acho atekeshere.

“This has shamed me and I wish whoever leaked the pictures is arrested,” said Egifa.

Farai could not be reached for comment.

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