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Sabhuku Mliswa Analyzes CCC Landscape: A Grim Outlook for Chamisa’s Opponents

Sabhuku Mliswa Analyzes CCC Landscape: A Grim Outlook for Chamisa's Opponents

Harare | In the complex arena of Zimbabwean politics, the ramifications of aligning against Nelson Chamisa, leader of the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), are becoming increasingly evident.

Former Norton Member of Parliament, Sabhuku Temba Mliswa, recently offered a stark assessment, declaring that those who oppose Chamisa’s momentum may find their political careers irreversibly damaged.

Mliswa asserts that many politicians who have chosen to go against Chamisa may be facing the end of their political journey, regardless of their individual brilliance.

The prevailing sentiment among the people, according to Mliswa, is one of unforgiveness toward those who appear to align with the ruling party’s agenda.

The charismatic Chamisa has managed to embody an idea that resonates with the public and has garnered significant momentum. Mliswa cites examples like Brian Dube and Mbondiya, both possessing legal expertise and resources, who aligned themselves with Mwonzora but found their abilities outmatched by the force of CCC.

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Drawing from his own experience of losing in Norton, Mliswa emphasizes the dynamics at play, suggesting that the electorate’s hunger for change is so potent that they would embrace anyone standing for the accepted opposition, even if it means overlooking individual candidates.

The unwavering support for Chamisa’s CCC has led Mliswa to propose a strategic meeting convened by Tshabangu, urging individuals adamant about being part of CCC to gather post-Chamisa’s potential exit.

This meeting would serve to demarcate the political landscape clearly, allowing the party to reevaluate its alliances and strategize for the future.

Mliswa contends that those who refuse to attend such a meeting could face recalls, while those aligned with Chamisa would naturally gravitate toward his leadership.

Tshabangu, as the Secretary-General, is encouraged to not only oversee recalls but to provide clear directions for the party’s operations, ensuring a cohesive and effective political entity.

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In Mliswa’s analogy, taking over a Rolls Royce (referring to the political landscape) requires effective maintenance and strategic leadership.

Failing to do so not only jeopardizes the party’s integrity but also exposes its leadership to potential political pitfalls.

As Zimbabwe navigates its political terrain, the actions and alignments of key figures will undoubtedly shape the future trajectory of the opposition movement.

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