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Sad As Harare Residents Go For More Than Two Weeks Without Water!

Sad As Harare Residents Go For More Than Two Weeks Without Water!

Residents of HARARE have been dealing with water shortages and discrepancies in water distribution, with some areas going without flowing water for over a month.

Currently, residents in certain areas must gather water from their neighbours with boreholes or purchase it from providers.

Residents are still being charged for water they are not receiving despite the absence of access to it.

Residents worry about a possible health risk as the situation has gotten worse.

Residents are now dependent on alternate sources of water because restoration efforts for water supply have been unsuccessful.

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Residents in Haig Park, Sentosa, and Mabelreign do not have access to running water, according to a poll by H-Metro.

Prince Sibanda, a local of Haig Park, said:

“Our last supply of tap water in this region was approximately a month ago. Numerous attempts to influence the local council have failed, he claimed.

The fact that we receive monthly bills for water we do not have is what hurts us the most. Since I have been purchasing water, it really isn’t fair, especially given that I will still be charged at the end of the month.

Nobuhle Masangudza, a resident of Mabelreign, claimed that the water problem had gotten worse.

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We go up early to line up at boreholes for water so we can utilise it.

From Sentosa, Faith Karinda also voiced dissatisfaction:

“It has been more than three weeks since we last had access to tap water. Water usually arrives from Thursday night until Friday morning, but it has been three weeks since we’ve seen any.

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