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Sad Scene As Mjolo Ends Marriage, Husband Hangs Self!

Sad Scene As Mjolo Ends Marriage, Husband Hangs Self!

On Friday, a Zengeza man was discovered hanging in his rental home with a suicide note accusing his wife of having an affair with a self-styled prophet.

Tichaona Marevaseyi, 40, dropped his daughter off at school before returning to hang himself with shoelaces in his bedroom.

Nearby to another letter of apology sent by his wife Locadia Chikata was a suicide note.

“Uchengete mwana Mai Natty wakandirwadzisa kusvika pekupedzisira.

“Hembe yangu yekubasa yawatora uchienda nayo uchazviwona zvako.

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“Ndaenda kuna Nenyasha, sara zvako naKnowledge wako,” read the suicide note.

Tichaona found love messages in Locadia’s mobile phone.

The steamy messages were an exchange between her and Madzibaba Knowledge, who used to visit their house for prayers.

Some of the messages showed that the Locadia had been bedding Madzibaba Knowledge in her matrimonial bedroom and she also used to prepare food for him.

The man of cloth promised to rent a room for Locadia and the messages were shown to her brother as evidence.

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Locadia packed her belongings and left unceremoniously when Tichaona was at work.

She left a letter apologising for her actions.

The letter found beside the body of Tichaona.

“Sorry hako nekukutadzira mwana wekwa Marevaseyi.

“Ndawona kuti handingarambe ndiri mumba mako ndichikupa mutoro.

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“Ndiregererewo chokwadi kutadza ndakatadza chokwadi zvino makabva mandiita sekunge ndakauraya munhu kudaro.

“Zvinhu zvako ndasiira Natty kana kwandiri zvanaka ndichauya ndichitora mwana wangu,” read part of the letter penned by Locadia.

Locadia and Tichaona lost their youngest child, Nenyasha, two months before the discovery of the love messages.

Locadia left her brother staying with Tichaona when she packed her belongings.

Contacted for comment, Locadia said she was the one who wrote the letter and was shocked to learn about Tichaona’s suicide.

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“I am the one who wrote the letter found in the house and had moved out.

“I will furnish you with more details when I am free since I am travelling right now,” said Locadia.

Tichaona’s body was removed by police and taken to Chitungwiza General Hospital Mortuary.

The deceased’s brother, Darlington Marevaseyi, told H-Metro that he has been struggling to accept the betrayal by Madzibaba Knowledge, considering the trust he had in him.

“Tichaona and Locadia used to accommodate Madzibaba in their house for prayers unaware that the latter wanted to have sex with Locadia,” said Darlington.

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“Locadia used to be a hairdresser for clients brought by Madzibaba unaware that he wanted to find a way into the house during Tichaona’s absence while at work.

“Tichaona had been struggling to come to terms with Locadia’s moving out, and this could have caused this,” he said.

Source | H-Metro

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