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Saintfloew Alleges Holy Ten’s Social Media Antics are “Annoying and Desperate”

Saintfloew Alleges Holy Ten's Social Media Antics are "Annoying and Desperate"

Rising tension between Zimbabwean music stars Saintfloew and Holy Ten has escalated as Saintfloew accuses Holy Ten of stalking him on social media. The “Silas Mavende” hit-maker recently expressed his frustration, alleging that Holy Ten is “desperate for attention” through repeated social media rants aimed at him.

In a bid to clear the air, Saintfloew addressed rumors suggesting that the two artists were collaborating on new music. He unequivocally denied these claims, stating, “I am not going to release any music with Holy Ten. He is childish as he keeps mentioning my name all the time to get some attention from fans.”

Saintfloew went on to criticize Holy Ten’s behavior, describing it as annoying. He claimed that Holy Ten follows him on social media merely to take pictures and videos, creating a false impression of camaraderie between them. “It’s annoying now that he follows me just to take pictures and videos and make it look like we are in good books,” he added.

According to Saintfloew, their professional relationship ended a long time ago, and no one would be able to convince him to collaborate with Holy Ten again. He suggested that Holy Ten is obsessed with him and needs to accept that they are on different paths. “Holy Ten is obsessed with me or something but by now I think he should just admit the fact that we are on two different roads.

He needs to concentrate on his brand and being his own man,” Saintfloew remarked.

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Both Saintfloew and Holy Ten are prominent figures in the Zimbabwean music scene, enjoying significant success with their performances and releases. They have attracted substantial crowds both locally and internationally, cementing their status as household names in showbiz.

Despite their individual successes, the apparent feud between the two has drawn attention from fans and the media alike. The ongoing public exchanges highlight the competitive nature of the music industry and the personal conflicts that can arise between artists.

As Saintfloew remains firm in his stance against collaborating with Holy Ten, it remains to be seen how Holy Ten will respond to these accusations. The situation underscores the importance of maintaining professionalism and focusing on individual growth and artistry within the highly competitive entertainment industry.

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