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Salvation Army Pastors Arrested After Tearing $50 bond During Service

Salvation Army Pastors Arrested After Tearing $50 bond During Service

Police have confirmed the arrest of two Salvation Army Church pastors in Kadoma for tearing $50 Zimbabwe dollar banknotes during a church service.

In a post on the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) Twitter page, police said Felix Tengemhare (62) a Major in the church, and his wife Benina Tengemhare, who is a Captain, tore nineteen (19) ZWL$50 during the service leading to their arrest. Police said:

Police in Kadoma have arrested the head and Major of Salvation Army in Rimuka, Felix Tengemhare (62) and his wife, Benina Tengemhare, who is a Captain in the church, for tearing nineteen ZWL$50 notes during a church service on 08/01/23.

Police, however, have not revealed why the clerics ripped the banknotes in church.

According to Section 42 of the Reserve Bank Act Chapter 22:15, “Any person who… wilfully defaces, soils or damages any banknote or writes or places any drawing thereon or attaches thereto anything in the nature of an advertisement… shall be guilty of an offence…”.

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Anyone found guilty is liable to imprisonment for a period not exceeding seven years.

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