Scare as family finds white bloody cloth with names of the whole family on doorstep

Scare as family finds white bloody cloth with names of the whole family on doorstep

A family from Emahlabathini Village in Inyathi, Matabeleland North region, awoke to a horrific image of blood randomly thrown on their doorsteps, as well as a white blood-soaked cloth with the names of the entire family inscribed on it, in a frightening event.

In an interview with B-Metro, a family member Taffy Khabo (38) said they were still fighting to come to grips with the terrifying experience.

“The entire family is now terrified. What occurred was that when I woke up early on Thursday last week, there was blood all over the doorsteps, indicating that a ritual had been done in our yard while we were asleep.

“The blood was smelling as if it had been kept somewhere for some time before it was used.

“The whole incident was confusing because we couldn’t figure out why anybody would leave blood on our doorstep,” said a fearful Khabo.

Khabo said that, in addition to the blood on the doorsteps, there was a white cloth soaked in blood with the names of the entire family engraved on it.

“There was also a white cloth with the names of the entire family written on it.” “I had to get my other villagers to watch the unusual situation and help me figure out how to cope with it,” Khabo explained.

When they sought prophets to assist explain the problem, he added, they were told that someone close to the family had planted muthi to bring pain into their life.

“When the prophets arrived, they conducted certain rites to purify the yard.” They burned the white fabric saturated in blood and emblazoned with our names,” Khabo explained.

When approached for response, Emahlabathini Village leader Frank Hlalakuhle stated that he had yet to get information about the terrifying occurrence.

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