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Security Guards Force Thief to Mªsturbªté on camera

Security Guards Force Thief to Mªsturbªté on camera

A 23-year-old guy from the Bulawayo suburb of Nguboyenja was allegedly forced to masturbate by three security guards who recorded him beforehand.

They then allegedly took turns sodomizing him and robbing him of his two smartphones and US$44 as retribution for stealing a speaker.

According to a person familiar with the event, the individual allegedly took a radio speaker from a Davies Hall storage where merchants kept their products.

Three security officers—Philisani Khumalo, Shelton Luphahla, and an unnamed man—stopped him as he was leaving the building and demanded to check his bucket, which contained various items.

“They found a radio speaker and upon asking him he admitted that he had stolen it and they bashed him,” said the source.

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After that they allegedly ordered him to masturbate while they filmed him and gleefully cheered him on.

As if that was not enough they tore his shirt and ordered him to take off his pair of trousers and boxer shorts.

“They took turns to anally attack him and after that they locked him in the storeroom and he was freed the following day in the morning when his sister came to look for him.

After that she accompanied him to Bulawayo Central Police Station and reported the incident leading to the arrest of Khumalo and his accomplices.

Police attended the scene and recovered his pair of black tennis shoes.

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Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Abednico Ncube confirmed the incident.

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