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CONTROVERSIAL blogger, Shadaya Knight, has taken a swipe at “slay queens” for living fake lives, which are not sustainable.

Shadaya, whose extreme views on women have torched controversy, said “slay queens” live a lie.

“….slay queens have a life contract with the streets, to the streets she lived to the streets she will always return.”

His radical views of women triggered a cocktail of responses from the social media users.

Below are some of the comments:

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If she smokes shisha, goes clubbing, has a tattoo or nose ring, an iphone yet unemployed, and wears semi-nude dressing, my brother, she’s from the streets”: @Ngoroyemoto12.


Stereotype much, men should just accept that there are girls who own iPhones simply because their parents can afford to buy them one. And tattoo and nose rings can simply be just for beautification. Judge people based on character, not appearance: @Precious Manduwi.


The difference between you and these men is they can afford to buy Range Rovers for their women while you only know Chicken Slice, so let them enjoy their type because they can afford it without even complaining: @amanda_melanin

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From the streets did she emerge and to the street she will return. And I say unto you ‘She is for the streets’. So be not weary when she must return from whence she came.”: @RoxRonza

In other news,

Body Of Missing Girl Found Buried At Boyfriend’s Home


The decomposed body of a teenage girl reported missing in Cyferskuil, near Makapanstad in North West, was found on Wednesday buried in a shallow grave at her boyfriend’s house.

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I paid for her education: Man stabs woman 19 times after being dumped!

North West police said the decomposed body of Karabo Manyama, 15, was found buried in a shallow grave.

“The decomposed body of 15-year-old Karabo Manyama was discovered on…read more

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