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Siblings recently released from prison commit murder against their uncle


Siblings recently released from prison commit murder against their uncle

On April 23, 2024, at around 7 pm, a tragic incident unfolded in Chemagora, Gokwe involving two siblings, Evans (25) and Elvis (21) Mpamhanga. The brothers, who had recently been released from prison, got into an argument with their parents, Kennedy and Monica Mpamhanga, regarding the failure to fill a water reservoir at their homestead in Plot 21, Chemagora.

This disagreement seemed to escalate matters, leading Evans and Elvis to visit their uncle, Forever Sikochi (47), who lived nearby within the same plot. Their intention was to confront him about the water tank issue. However, the situation quickly turned hostile, resulting in a physical altercation during which the brothers threatened Sikochi’s life and forced him to move towards the Kwekwe-Gokwe highway.

As they proceeded, they encountered another uncle, Kiddny Mpamhanga (62), who was returning from Kadoma. Accusing Kiddny of reporting them for an alleged gun theft, Evans and Elvis escorted both uncles back to their home. Once there, they menacingly threatened Kiddny with an axe and proceeded to assault him viciously using a log and stones.

During this assault, Sikochi managed to escape upon hearing the threat with the axe. However, the attack on Kiddny was severe, prompting a group of ten individuals to intervene. This group, described as a “10-men gang,” swiftly took action against the brothers, administering what was described as “instant justice.” This likely refers to a vigilante-style response where the group took matters into their own hands, delivering physical retribution to Evans and Elvis for their actions.

The incident paints a distressing picture of family conflict escalating into violence, resulting in tragic consequences for all involved.

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“At round 1900 hours whilst at home, Evans instructed Elvis to bring an axe so that they could strike Kiddny Mpamhanga to death.

“On hearing this, Forever fled the scene leaving Kiddny Mpamhanga in the hands of the suspects.

“The suspects took turns to strike Kiddny Mpamhanga with a log and stones several times on the head until he died,” Midlands police acting spokesperson, Assistant Inspector Fungai Ngawagare, said.

As the tragic events unfolded, their father, Kennedy, watched in dismay. After the murder, the two siblings and their parents went to inform their elder uncle, Job Mupamhanga (76), of the heinous act. However, their attempt to seek solace or perhaps absolution was interrupted when a group of ten men armed with axes, machetes, and knobkerries invaded the house. They mercilessly assaulted the two suspects, leaving them for dead.

“After the heinous act, the suspects teamed up with their parents and went to house number 3711 Sasame 1, Gokwe town and informed Job Mpamhanga(76), their uncle, of the murder.

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“As they were explaining to Job Mpamhanga, a gang of about 10 unknown people entered into the room, produced axes, machetes and knobkerries and struck the two suspects all over their bodies until they became unconscious.

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The gang allegedly fled following the savage assault.

Evans and Elvis, the two accused individuals, are presently hospitalized at Gokwe South District Hospital under police supervision, and their conditions are critical.

The body of the deceased, Kiddny, has been taken to the Gokwe Hospital mortuary pending a post-mortem examination.

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Authorities have stated that they are actively searching for the ten attackers and emphasized the importance of respecting human life. They urge the public to reject violence.

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