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Zimbabwe Politics

Sikhala Rejects Tshabangu Connection Amid CCC SG’s Legal Pursuit

Sikhala Rejects Tshabangu Connection Amid CCC SG's Legal Pursuit
job sikhala

Job Sikhala Former Zengeza West legislator , recently released from detention, has denied any acquaintance with self-proclaimed Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) Secretary General Sengezo Tshabangu.

In an interview with following his release, Job challenged Tshabangu to present evidence of their alleged connection beyond circulating online photos.

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Sikhala, who endured 595 days in pretrial detention on charges of inciting public violence, missed opportunities to retain his Parliamentary seat in last year’s general elections due to his arrest, exacerbating ongoing CCC turmoil.

Despite unconfirmed reports suggesting Tshabangu’s involvement in Sikhala’s release, Sikhala maintains ignorance of Tshabangu’s identity, asserting they might unknowingly cross paths in public. Despite claims of Tshabangu’s legal representation at Job’s court appearances, Sikhala remains firm in his denial of any personal knowledge or interaction with Tshabangu.

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