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A HARARE lady alleges her two neighbours’ sisters are having an affair with her husband.

The sisters admitted to dating her husband but apologised to her.

Rumbidzai Semu, on the other hand, believes the sisters, Chido and Mutsa Chaha, were causing her problems with their pranks.

“I’m sick of these two.” They’re my neighbours, yet they listen to loud music.

“I discovered messages sent by Chido and Mutsa to my husband’s cell phone accusing me of feeding him a love portion,” Rumbidzai explained.

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She said that the two emotionally abused her by telling her that “murume ndewedu tose, tose tiri ma prostitutes”.

However, Chido disputed Rumbidzai’s testimony, saying she’d never abused or harassed her.

“I deny her testimony. We are not on talking terms and she is just fabricating stories.

“Yes, I dated her husband and I went to her house to ask for forgiveness, not to breach her peace,” said Chido.

Mutsa said Rumbidzai assaulted her and even sent her death threats.

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“She assaulted me because I was having an affair with her husband, and my aunt went to her house to ask for forgiveness on my behalf.

“My mother suffered a stroke and there is no way we can play a radio full blast,” said Mutsa.

Mutsa said Rumbidzai still held a grudge against them for dating her husband.

Magistrate Sharon Mashavira dismissed Rumbidzai’s application due to lack of merit.

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