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Slay Queen Exposes DJ Rimo in Viral Clip Over Unsettled ‘Thigh Services’ Bill

Slay Queen Exposes DJ Rimo in Viral Clip Over Unsettled 'Thigh Services' Bill

A video circulating online has captured a dramatic confrontation between popular DJ Rimo and a slay queen, who accused him of refusing to pay for her services.

The incident, which quickly went viral, shows the woman publicly confronting DJ Rimo and demanding the agreed-upon payment.

In the video, the visibly upset woman is seen speaking to bystanders who gathered to witness the commotion. She explained that Rimo, known as the late Genius Ginimbi Kadungure’s best friend, had solicited her services.

However, after spending time with her, he allegedly refused to pay the agreed amount, leading to a heated public argument.

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“He was supposed to give me $1,000,” the woman cried out, clutching DJ Rimo’s shorts by the groin to prevent him from leaving. Her emotional plea and the physical altercation drew the attention of passersby, some of whom began recording the incident on their phones.

The video shows the intensity of the confrontation, with DJ Rimo trying to disengage from the woman’s grip while she continued to demand her payment. The altercation highlights the contentious issue of unpaid services, especially in the context of informal agreements and the stigma often associated with such transactions.


This incident is not an isolated one; similar confrontations have occurred worldwide. In Nigeria, a well-known socialite faced public humiliation when a woman he had allegedly hired for services confronted him at a popular nightclub for non-payment.

In South Africa, a businessman was publicly shamed by a woman who claimed he had refused to pay her after a night out, resulting in a viral video that sparked widespread debate on social media.

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