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Social media influencer bashed for sharing revealing pregnant photo shoot

Social media influencer bashed for sharing revealing pregnant photo shoot

Social media influencer Kellen shared her pregnancy photos which broke the Internet, many have described them as inappropriate and should not be shared with the public.

Shadhaya commented on the issue and he had this to say :

A whole married w0man pr£gnant doing semi nude photoshoots, of cause “h£r body h£r choice” but it’s just wrong. This is what happens when you marry an attention addict, sh£’ll do anything for validation even if it means exposing something sacred like a pr£gnancy for strangers..

Posing like a ho£ (b0obs out, legs wide open) whilst carrying a pr£gnancy, all for social media clout. Of cause they’ll convince themselves it’s for the child when he/she grows up, but come on which kid gives a fxck about that. Just be a ho£ you’re.

And the caption itself nauseating, telling the whole world about your s£x life with your husband. It’s that part where one begins to ask, what kind of husband even allows such nons£nse. A weak man I tell you, allowing his wif£ to pose naked for social media.

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Imagine paying lobola for a w0man who is posing semi nud£ carrying your child for every random person on social media. A true personification of a neut£red man, such a shame. Then again what’s to expect when you marry a community bor£hol£, trying to domestic a zebra.

You don’t take a zebra away from the park or zoo, it’ll always miss the attention from all the visitors/tourists. Oh yes I can bet you, that man isn’t the one who dev!rgined h£r, no ways any man who dev!rgins a w0man would allow such nonsense. Now he’s out here getting embarrassed.

In other news,

Twitter influencer ‘Lincoln Shoko’ perishes in a horrific accident


Former Chinhoyi University and MSU students woke up to sad news that Lincoln Shoko has died.

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Twitter influencer'Lincoln Shoko' dies in a horrific accident

Lincoln is well known for his provoking tweets and his way of explaining reality. He died today along Bulawayo Road after the car he was driving collided with a truck.

This tragic event comes a year after he graduated with a…continue reading

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