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South Africa Elections 2024: Updates

South Africa Elections 2024: Updates
People queue to vote in the South African elections, in Langa, Cape Town, South Africa May 29, 2024. REUTERS/Esa Alexander
  • Polling stations opened at 7am (05:00 GMT) and will close at 9pm (19:00 GMT).
  • South Africans are participating in national and provincial elections that could challenge the African National Congress’s (ANC’s) three-decade dominance. Seventy parties are competing for votes, making a coalition government a potential outcome for the first time since apartheid ended.
  • Preliminary results are expected shortly after the polls close, with the election commission set to announce the final results on Sunday.
  • Following the election, the new National Assembly will elect the next president from among its members.

10:20 ‘Government needs to address the needs of the less fortunate’

Terrence Moses from Eshowe in the east expressed to Times Live that people are worried about various issues, such as load shedding, water, and road conditions.

“There are numerous issues that require attention. The government must step up and address the needs of the less fortunate,” he stated. “It’s the less fortunate who are doing most of the voting, yet their needs haven’t been met. It’s crucial to meet the people’s needs … I hope to see some change.”

10:10 – Campaign groups are anticipating a large voter turnout.

Maubate Kekana, an independent election observer from the Ground Work Collective campaign group, was optimistic about the voter turnout at Sandton Fire Station in northern Johannesburg’s affluent business district.

“I arrived early before the station opened and there was already a significant queue outside. So, I’m really hopeful for a big turnout throughout the day,” she said.

10:00 – Umhlanga, Durban| One person died and six were injured in a car accident in Umhlanga. According to TimesLIVE, paramedics responded to the crash, which occurred north of Durban. A vehicle carrying seven occupants and displaying an ANC banner rolled multiple times before stopping. Upon arrival, paramedics found six individuals injured, and one man was pronounced dead. It remains unclear if the vehicle was part of an ANC campaign or if the occupants were supporters heading to vote.

09:50 – Nine polling stations in Eastern Cape remain closed

The IEC’s Eastern Cape electoral officer, Kayakazi Magudumana, has confirmed that nine polling stations remain closed in the province due to community protests.

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Who are the key people in this election?

Cyril Ramaphosa – The current president and head of the governing ANC. The 71-year-old from Soweto was part of the Nelson Mandela-led ANC class that wrested South Africa from the apartheid government in 1994.

John Steenhuisen – The 48-year-old head of the opposition DA. Eager to sell his party as one that will “rescue South Africa” from the ANC.

Jacob Zuma – Former President Zuma was set to run for parliament but was kicked off the candidate list for the MK party by a last-minute court decision because of a 2021 conviction. Now he’s fielding a stand-in and testing a new role as kingmaker.

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Julius Malema – The founder of the EFF, an anti-establishment, Marxist, Pan-Africanist party that keeps a sharp focus on the rights of Black South Africans and accuses the ANC of failing to cater to that core population.

Paul Mashitile – The deputy president of the ANC and South Africa. In line to potentially become the next president after Ramaphosa – if the party manages to retain its majority of the vote in these elections.

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