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South Africans accuse Bucie’s husband of Zimbabwe while the bank threatens to seize her home.

The story of Busisiwe ‘Bucie’ Nqwiliso’s financial issues with a local bank, which is seeking to retake her home owing to missing bond obligations, has sparked discussion among South Africans.

Nqwiliso may lose her home if she doesn’t make her bail installments, according to News24.

Due to a financial disagreement with a business, according to News 24, Bucie’s home may be auctioned at auction since she reportedly failed to make bond payments of R1 million. This is because of a financial issue.

Despite the revelation, the upbeat singer hasn’t officially commented on the rumors. She undoubtedly has been the subject of unfavorable news lately. However, because Bucie has been successful in keeping her personal life discreet, not much is known about her home.

South African Twitter users have shared their thoughts, stating that Bucie wouldn’t be facing financial difficulties if she were still an active musician.

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Bucie decided to put her career on hold in 2017 to prioritize being a mother and wife. While she didn’t explicitly mention that her Zimbabwean husband and chartered accountant, Nhlanhla Nkomo, asked her to quit music, some people hold him responsible for not supporting her financially.

Here are a few comments on the matter:


Isn’t the Bucie that just a few years ago announced taking a break from music? If so then it understandably why she is in this alleged situation.


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I don’t want to judge but sometimes prioritizing marriage is not it…. 🤧She could’ve easily avoided this by continuing to work ….yerrr

I was so angry at her for leaving the industry … I am even more upset now


Was that story about her husband forcing her to end her own singing career true? She must live herself and go back on stage. She can repay that million in one weekend

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