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Stoneridge Man ‘Cornelius Rudziva’ On Marriage Spree, Pays Lobola For 4 In 3 Years!

Stoneridge Man 'Cornelius Rudziva' On Marriage Spree, Pays Lobola For 4 In 3 Years!

Cornelius Rudziva (39), a Stoneridge resident, has been accused of paying lobola for four “rich” women over a three-year period.

Varaidzo Fundira (24), his second wife, has warned other women about Cornelius, who allegedly seeks women for money.

Cornelius has been accused of marrying many women before fleeing and then stating that his family is facing difficulties in order to get money from his “business partners.”

He has rejected the charges, claiming that he is only officially married to Rumbidzai Masamba, who is now in the United Kingdom.

Cornelius’ hijinks were revealed when she uploaded a picture of herself with him on social media.

She alleged that after dating Cornelius, for a short period of time, he claimed that his business was not doing well and was looking for a place to stay for a short period.

“At first I thought it was love, but later I discovered that it was a well-planned move.

“After I had agreed to stay with him, he refused to move in saying it is a taboo, according to his beliefs, to move into a woman’s house before getting legally married.

“He then asked for permission to see my relatives and started to ask for dates to pay lobola to my relatives.

“I was surprised with the move since he demanded an early date and we got married and all was fine at first,” she said.

Soon after their marriage, Cornelius claimed that his mother was not feeling well and she gave him money for medication.

“I later discovered that it was a lie and I confronted him, but he gave me some excuses.

“After that incident he started to ask for more money each day.

“I lost almost US$4 500, which I later discovered he used to pay lobola for another woman, Rumbidzai Masamba, who is currently in the United Kingdom,” she said.

Stoneridge Man'Cornelius Rudziva' On Marriage Spree, Pays Lobola For 4 In 3 Years!

Cornelius Rudziva with another woman

Varaidzo posted a picture on her Facebook page in the company of Cornelius.

“I posted a picture with Cornelius on our lobola day. Another follower commented and sent me his lobola pictures with another woman.

“That’s when I discovered that I was married to a conman.”

Another of Cornelius’ lovers, who preferred not to be named, said she gave him a car, which he then sold to sponsor his wedding with another woman.

“We were in love and I gave him my car to use, but I then discovered that he sold it to finance his wedding with another woman.

“l got him arrested and recovered my car, which marked the end of our relationship,” she said.

Another of his wives refused to be drawn into the matter.

“I don’t want to be part of this story because I know Cornelius.

“The story will backfire on me, no matter how right l am,” she said.

Contacted for comment, Cornelius told H-Metro that he was only legally married to one wife and he knows nothing about the lobola saga.

“l don’t know anything about those allegations. I am only legally married to one wife, and I know nothing about the pictures.

“Stealing is a crime and they should have reported this to the police and a warrant should have been issued.

“I am only married to one wife.

“There were never other lovers or marriages you are talking about.

“Actually that is a business partnership gone wrong.”

Rumbidzai’s father said:

“I have no problem with my son-in-law. We don’t even know about those pictures.

“We are also looking to find out who is posting them and some of these people have been threatening my son-in-law and daughter.

“But we are happy with him.”

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