Storm damages Glen Forest house

A Glen Forest family was left counting losses after their house was damaged by a heavy storm on Tuesday evening.

Gogo Rushambwa said the ceiling of her house was damaged forcing the family to hold containers throughout the night to prevent leaking water from further damaging their property.

Their domestic workers were also forced to abandon their cottages, which were damaged. They spent the night outside on higher ground.

“The rain was heavy and I felt sorry for other families down the road who were affected most by the floods.

“We didn’t sleep and had to hold containers to prevent further damages. I lost eight roadrunner chickens and 12 ducks to the heavy rains.

“The water was flowing from the hills down into our house, damaging carpets. The gate was also damaged by the flood waters, and so were our solar panels, windows and crops,” she said.

In other news,

Man guns down Madzibaba, Wedza Officer-in-Charge

An ex-police officer is on the run after shooting and killing a prophet at a shrine before killing the officer in charge of Wedza Police Station on Friday afternoon.

Man guns down Madzibaba, Wedza Officer-in-Charge

“The suspect went to an apostolic sect church gathering in Wedza today at 2.30pm and fatally shot a prophet.

“He then pounced on police officers who had reacted to the shooting and shot dead Officer-in-Charge Wedza and another…continue reading

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