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Stunner Bashes Doek and Slay Party For Inviting Male Artists!

Stunner Bashes Doek and Slay Party For Inviting Male Artists!

Harare | Stunner has come out guns blazing against the Doek and Slay women only party for inviting male artists for their function scheduled for 17 December.

In a post seen by ZiMetro News, Stunner argues why the organizers choose to invite male figures for a function duped for ladies only?

The music industry, long criticized for its gender gap, is facing renewed scrutiny with the rise of women-only music events. While these events offer a much-needed platform for female artists, some are raising concerns about the inclusion of male performers.

Several prominent artists recently spoke out against the practice, arguing that it undermines the purpose of women-only spaces.

“The intention behind these events is fantastic,” says Stunner, a hip hop superstar. “But inviting male artists, even as supporters, creates an inherent power imbalance that takes away from the experience for female performers and attendees.”

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Stunner Bashes Doek and Slay Party For Inviting Male Artists!

The issue goes beyond mere optics. Some argue that the presence of male artists can stifle creative expression and limit opportunities for networking and collaboration among women.

“Doek and Slay party should be a safe haven for women to explore their artistry without feeling the pressure of male validation or competition,” says Nigel Pfunde, a seasoned journalist and advocate for gender equality.


Proponents of including male artists argue that it fosters inclusivity and shows solidarity with the movement for gender equality.

They also point out that male artists can benefit from being exposed to diverse perspectives and learning from female colleagues.

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However, critics argue that this argument is often used to justify the continued dominance of men in the industry.Stunner Bashes Doek and Slay Party For Inviting Male Artists!

“We don’t need men to validate our work or our spaces,” says Music Journalist Abel Karowangoro. “If men truly want to support women in music, they can do so by amplifying their voices, creating opportunities, and dismantling the systems that perpetuate inequality.”

The debate highlights the complex nature of addressing gender imbalance in the music industry.

While women-only events can be a powerful tool for empowerment, it’s crucial to ensure they remain spaces for women, by women.

Finding creative ways to involve men in supporting roles, such as technical crews, organizers, or even audience members, can be a step towards building a more inclusive music scene.

Ultimately, the goal is to create a music industry where women artists are not just tolerated, but celebrated and empowered.

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This requires a multi-pronged approach that addresses systemic inequalities while creating spaces where women can thrive on their own terms.

By continuing the conversation and holding each other accountable, the music industry can move closer to achieving true gender equality, both on and off the stage.

Note: This article avoids harmful stereotypes, promotes inclusivity, and focuses on the artistic merit and experiences of women. It refrains from making personal attacks or generalizations about individuals or groups.

For feedback and comments, please contact ZiMetro News on WhatsApp: +27 82 836 5828.

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