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Sunningdale man with albinism sleeps in bathroom and denied food by own family

Sunningdale man with albinism sleeps in bathroom and denied food by own family

A Sunningdale man, living with albinism, has been sleeping in a bathroom and denied food since November by his family.

A messy fight has erupted, within the family, over the man’s return from South Africa, H-Metro has established.

Admire Kudakwashe Machingauta, 36, has been subjected to various forms of abuse by his nephew, Tawanda Chipfakacha.

This has apparently angered some residents, who have threatened to demonstrate against the family.

His exposure to harsh weather elements and poor living conditions came to light when he spent some days feeding on leftovers at a funeral.

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Admire told H-Metro that Tawanda and his wife have been locking him out of the house and denying him access to food since November last year.

“I had been living in South Africa for the past 11 years,” said Admire.

“Working conditions changed due to xenophobia and I decided to return home.

“I informed my brother, Malvin, and sister, Dorothy, about my intentions.

“They promised to give one tenant three months’ notice so that I could occupy one room in the house, but they didn’t.

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“Dorothy’s son Tawanda is the one staying here with his family. They have been locking doors, ignoring me as well as denying me food.

“My belongings are stashed behind the door and I have been sleeping in the bathroom and sometimes in the passage, as there is a water leak in the bathroom.

“Neighbours are the ones giving me food and sometimes I just take my blanket and retire in their yards where gates are not locked,” said Admire.

Tawanda could not be reached for comment.

But some residents are angry over how Tawanda and his wife are ill-treating their uncle.

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“We are not happy at all about how Admire is being treated since he returned from South Africa,” said one of the neighbours.

“This is a family house, their parents are both late and they want to continue receiving rentals while Admire is suffering.

“Worse still, Dorothy decided to accommodate her son Tawanda while Admire sleeps outside.

“Admire lives with albinism and his skin is being exposed to harsh weather.

“Akaenda panemariro haabve nekuti ndipo paarikuwana food.

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“This is inhuman and if they fail to take action, we will demonstrate against them because they are the ones receiving rentals from a family house,” said the neighbour.

Admire left his South African wife with their children when he returned.

Malvin and Dorothy Machingauta could not be reached for comment.

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