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Tagwirei Extends SDA Capture To Solusi University: Thabani Mpofu

Tagwirei Extends SDA Capture To Solusi University: Thabani Mpofu

Controversial businessman Kudakwashe Tagwirei has been accused of bribing Solusi University into Honoring him with the Degree of Philosophy in Agribusiness, Entrepreneurship and Management (Honoris Causa) for his contributions to Zimbabwe’s agricultural sector.

Tagwirei was honored last week at the 26th graduation ceremony at Solusi University, an event that also coincided with his massive donation to the SDA-run institution.

He donated a 60-seater bus, 10-tonne and four-tonne trucks and three tractors to the university.

He also promised to help Solusi rebuild its orchard, install 13 greenhouses and put 250 hectares under irrigation.

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Tagwirei’s runner, and Deputy Minister of Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation, Tino Machakaire gave the university a 75-horse power tractor with all the implements that go with it.

His other runner, and Managing director at Fossil Contracting Mr Obey Chimuka donated a car for the Vice Chancellor’s wife and another for one of the University’s Deans.

Reacting to the development, popular lawyer Thabani Mpofu trashed the event in a threaded post on X writing;

“Solusi University gets a big donation from Kuda. In return it awards him an honorary doctorate degree in something false & funny. The SDA church run college is a criminal organization, an abject disgrace, as base & abominable as it is disgusting. Its moral compass is totally off Good pple, this is corruption at its stinkiest.

“I accept arguendo that he deserves to be honoured but he cannot be honoured by an institution that he donated to three moons ago. This is wrong on all levels of wrongness. But then, some of you are useless & broken & so won’t see it The attempt to honour him for command agriculture is disgracefully insular. The corruption around that prog was raised by ZANU PF itself. Does Solusi mean that it approves of that dirt? So whitherto the Christian values that it purports to live by and teach?”

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Source: Zimeye

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