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Tapiwa Makore’s decomposing head was cooked, taken to a sangoma in Mozambique!

Harare | Tapiwa Makore’s decomposing head was cooked to contain the smell before being taken to a sangoma in Mozambique.

Tafadzwa Shamba and Tapiwa Makore Senior, have been sentenced to death for the murder.

Tapiwa was buried without his head. The pair have never revealed what they did with it.

Gaylord Shamba (59), who is the uncle of Tafadzwa, told Kwayedza that he was convinced Tapiwa Jr’s head was taken to a Mozambican sangoma for ritual purposes.

The sangoma is said to have turned down the head after Tafadzwa and Tapiwa Sr failed to take the sangoma’s instructions.

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“I once visited him when he was in the cells to find out what really transpired. He confessed that he killed Tapiwa after slicing him into pieces and stashing the body parts into plastic papers, including the head, as per instructions.

He confessed there were others involved, including Tapiwa Senior, who took the head and left with it for Mozambique after it was cooked.

“Tafadzwa made it clear that he doesn’t know where the head is. He insists that the sangoma did not accept the head they took to Mozambique as the n’anga wanted a fresh and uncooked head, similar to a chicken head.

It is said the entourage dumped the head along the way, but he was not sure whether it was dumped on the Mozambican or Zimbabwean side.”

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Prophet Madzibaba Banda

    July 21, 2023 at 11:28 am

    The wages of sin is death. There are now paying the price of there wrong doing.

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