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Teacher Bashes Wife to Death

Teacher Bashes Wife to Death

Nyasha Muchembere a primary school teacher at Nyamatikiti allegedly bashed his estranged wife to death in a domestic dispute on Friday.

The teacher 47-year-old Nyasha Muchembere was allegedly caught hiding in the bush by the police after committing the crime.

Mashonaland Central police spokesperson Inspector Milton Mundembe confirmed the case.

“I can confirm a murder case in Rushinga where a primary school teacher allegedly assaulted his wife who was also a secondary teacher to death in a domestic dispute,” Mundembe said.

Allegations are that Muchembere who was bared by the courts to visit his ex-wife though a protection order went to see the now deceased Christina Bhaureni (46) and the two had a misunderstanding over undisclosed issue.

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Muchembere went back to his house and came back after a few hours holding a screw driver.

He knocked on the window and Bhaureni peeped through the window and saw Muchembere holding a screw driver she screamed for help and he escaped.

Muchembere was not done with Bhaureni as he came back this time with a log he dragged his ex-wife outside the house and struck her with a wooden log on the head.

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He kept on assaulting her and when he saw her unconscious he varnished in the dark.

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The couple’s daughter who was cooking discovered that her mother had been murdered and filed a police report.

The police came with their dogs and searched for Muchembere whom they caught hiding in the bush. Police warned people to desist from violence and seek for counselling when ever they have disputes.

“People should avoid violence instead they should seek counselling from police, churches or elders to avoid unnecessary loss of life,” Mundembe said.

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