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Thabo Bester Shows Up Wearing a R19 000 Hoodie Today

Thabo Bester Shows Up Wearing a R19 000 Hoodie Today

On Tuesday morning, “Facebook rapist” and killer Thabo Bester appeared virtually in Bloemfontein magistrate’s court, while his lover Dr Nandipha Magadumana appeared in a different court within the building.

Bester was dressed in a black Burberry sweatshirt, which costs $990 (R19,000) on one online fashion store. It’s unknown whether or not this sweatshirt is genuine.

However, Bester is accused of running a multimillion-dollar business from within the prison before escaping in 2022.

After a brief appearance, where he was asked about who would represent him after Ishmail Attorneys stepped away from the case, Bester responded that his two new lawyers would take up his case.

It was postponed to June 20 and Bester was ordered to remain in custody.

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Bester asked the magistrate, “Will it be virtual?”

The magistrate answered that this would be revealed after discussions between the state and the defence, before Bester was led back to his cell.

Meanwhile in a different courtroom, Dr Nandipha Magudumana also appeared virtually while her father joined the five other accused in Bester’s escape in the dock.

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