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Themba Musarurwa: Absenteeism Troubles Harare City Council


Themba Musarurwa president of  Water and Allied Workers Union of Zimbabwe disclosed to NewsDay that they are seeing an increase in absenteeism-related disciplinary cases inside the Harare City Council (HCC). There are serious difficulties for municipal employees as a result of this tendency, which is purportedly caused by delayed wage payments.

Temba Musarurwa underlined that the union, which represents workers in all Zimbabwean local councils, is frequently flooded with reports of people being disciplined for being absent from work. He highlighted the hardship of workers who faced going without pay for the recent Easter holiday and are now facing the Independence holiday in a similar situation, directly attributing this problem to the ongoing delays in payment disbursement.

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Some employees have been forced to walk a considerable distance to get to work, which has made their financial burden worse. Furthermore, it has been reported that the council’s incapacity to conduct business efficiently, partially as a result of issues with the new currency, has made it more difficult for staff members to fulfil their rental duties on time.

Musarurwa expressed worries about the disregard city officials show for their employees, pointing out that many workers are afraid to retire because they do not have enough money saved from their low pay.

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Mayor of Harare Jacob Mafume responded by acknowledging the hard economic realities facing the nation and blaming the poor economic climate for the challenges in making wage payments on time. Mafume stated that despite these challenges, efforts are being made to give municipal employees prompt compensation.


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