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Tinashe Mugabe’s Recent DNA Episode Filled With Vawulance!

Marondera | The new episode of Tinashe Mugabe’s Paternity DNA Testing shot in Marondera is the talk of the town due to the vawulance scenes.

Tinashe Mugabe’s show has gathered momentum and engagement since its start last year and has been growing well in terms of viewership.

One follower who’s comment got the attention of this editor said:

@rmtandwa: This is by far the most entertaining and yet heartbreaking episode. Bitterness yemukadzi uyu runs deep. Kutorwa at 16, in your prime, wobatwa junk junk, apa usingadiwe mumusha mawakawanikwa, pedzeko wonzi vana sandi vedu and a whole host of other things zvatisingazive, she needs counselling so that she can heal and move on.

A lesson to my fellow women, kana imba isisaite lets normalize leaving. Hazvibatsire kugara in a loveless marriage kusvikira wakuita semhuka yesango full of rage nekuti wasvitswa kumagumo ne maltreatment.

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And society needs to stop shaming women muchiti ma single mother, we also perpetuate the problem, hezvo tarisai this poor woman is now being judged kuti akachenama anorova murume but hatitarise kuti how did this come about.

Vanhu ava ngavabatsirwe nekuti vanogona kuurayana, those careless statements anga achitaurwa back and forth ekuurayana nevana must be taken seriously, ndiro team rinojajadura vana nedemo to spite the other, or kutourayana ivo pachavo. Ndabatikana hey

@sizakelengwenya25 said: This is the first episode ever Tinashe says”all kids are yours” WHILE STANDING…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…

@elizabethndoro7768: Mmmm this episode was heartbreaking, this woman has suffered and now reached her breaking point. She is so beautiful zvekuti akabva kumaruzevha uku akagara kutown anoita slay queen chaiye. Hugs to you mummy, praying for you and your kids. Murume uyo is a narcissist.

@evernicekapita7786: We can mock this woman all we can but the pain of giving someone three children and him not paying any dime as a token of appreciation can trigger all this anger. The wife is 100% correct. Munhu roora kana uchidawo nzvimbo yako sababa ari kutodheerera amai vemukadzi vaaiswerosheedza aivasheedza saani wake. Hakusi kushaya asi haatode kuroora he deserves every humiliation and insults coming his way.

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@muchanetakaroroportia: I can relate.. I feel this woman’s pain.. I cried together with her.. Tinashe thank you for comforting her waita a true brother.. as women we go thru a lot tichingonyarara qsi mumoyo zvichidya.. I love you Soko… wish to meet u one day so that I can also share with you my story and how I overcame..hugs to you Soko

@acs2443: This guy is so calm he doesn’t look like an abuser but unfortunately noone can ever understand what he himself went through.

It’s a bit strange that an alleged abuser is the one who leaves home to live with his parents which is unlikely in many other abusive relationships. Their home is filled with a variety of livestock, cattle, goats, sheep and chicken which is a sign of work hard .

Poor communication and lack of respect for each other destroyed their relationship because if the guy wasn’t really doing his best to take care of the family then where did all the livestock come from and why were they not sold for example, to cater for the children’s fees and other.

@tawongambara1544: I feel for this man, the level of insults he received in an hour from this woman i surrender,imagine the magnitude of insults he received staying with this woman …#men’s lives matter too

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Source | ZiMetro News

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