Tobva Tadii Paya Gang Members Released From Jail

Three youthful artisanal miners, who went viral after a video of them narrating how they “gang-raped” sex workers, are back in the streets after being released from jail.

The three became known as the Tobva Tadii Paya Gang after a statement mentioned by the video narrator Romeo Chirara who was a teenager at the time.

On Friday, a video of Romeo Chirara with his two friends Admire Chirongoma and Thabani Gaza did the rounds on social media. Zimbabweans were amazed by Chirongoma, Gaza and Chirara’s glow-up from being dusty teenage artisanal miners.

Zimbabweans took to social media and expressed how the trio were looking good for people who had a lengthy stay behind bars. Below are some of the comments:


Ndobva tatoglower paya kunge tatiri kuDiaspora😂


Twakura, let’s hope they were rehabilitated because jeri rinogona kukuita ndururani futi


Dzimwe nguva vari mujeri are living a better life than someone in the comment section😂😂😂


It’s good to see exconvicts being accepted back into the society. That way they’re less likely to commit more crime


Anga ari kujeri kana ku London something isn’t making sense… munhu anga aine shena anozobuda like this how? 😮😮😮


Kkkkk abuda mjeri wacho akutoita kunge ndiye anga ari panze.. Anga ari panze akutoita kunga ndiye ari mujeri kkkk haaa kanyika kanaka 😂😂

You can view the video and comments below:


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In June 2018, the Tobva Tadii Paya gang was sentenced to seven years in jail each for rape by a Chinhoyi magistrate. A 16-year-old who was among the group was sentenced to the next three years at Kadoma Probation Centre.

While in jail, the trio was reportedly subjected to inhumane treatment. At one point Admire allegedly wanted to commit suicide after having been told to play with himself in front of many people.

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