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Tocky is the only artist who compensates his producer

Tocky is the only artist who compensates his producer

Mount Zion Records director Temptation “T-Man” Chirenje claims that Tocky Vibes is the only artist who pays producers on a regular basis.

He claims that some emerging artists pay as little as $10 to producers.

He has accused top artists of intimidating young producers by failing to pay them for their services.

T-Man first revealed the details on his Instagram story. He expanded his access to H-Metro yesterday.

“I’ve been one of the best producers in the country, but these well-known artists vanojairira. The system was designed so that artists could record and pay later, but they were not paying us.

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T-Man said Tocky Vibes is the only artist who pays for all services provided.

“I really enjoy working with Tocky Vibes because he really appreciates the work we do for him and he also knows that we have families to take care of. I can’t be producing big songs and not getting paid. Zim dancehall artists have to change how they treat producers.

“When these artists notice that they can’t pay, they trick upcoming artists into doing collaborations and recording at their studios to cut costs. They keep doing it over and over again.

“Upcoming artists are the worst, they will come crying for help and when you help, he gives you US$10 dollars, what am I supposed to do with that?

“Producers should be prioritised when people come for recording sessions,” he said.

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