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Tout Dies After Falling Off A Moving Bus

Tout Dies After Falling Off A Moving Bus

Harare | An instantaneous death occurred when a tout fell off a moving bus, and Matabeleland North police are looking into the unfortunate situation.

The victim, 35-year-old Trust Moyo of Inyathi in the Bubi District, was thrown off a Dubbies Bus while it was on its way from Bulawayo to Muchesu in Binga.

It appeared that Moyo had made the decision to remain atop the bus, helping to unload patrons and their belongings at bus stops.

As soon as the driver noticed a falling sound close to Chilelema Business Centre, the bus’s conductor, Mr. Knowledge Moyo, alerted him and the driver halted.

They discovered after doing an investigation that Trust Moyo had fallen and was dead in the road.

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After being notified, the police discovered that the deceased had suffered head injuries from the fall. The body was brought to the Binga District Mortuary so that a postmortem could be performed.

The event is presently being looked into by the police.

Such situations have occurred in the past. In Matopo District in 2011, a bus conductor was carrying passengers’ bags when he fell from the top of the carrier.

The driver of the Majaha vehicle Company, Given Mpunzi, began the vehicle without realising he was still on top as he was busy loading cargo.

His body was found by a bystander down the road, who then called the police.

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