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Tragedy in Ushewokunze As Another Newborn Baby Found Dumped

Tragedy in Ushewokunze As Another Newborn Baby Found Dumped

Ushewokunze Harare, Zimbabwe – ANOTHER heartbreaking incident of infant abandonment has shocked the Ushewokunze area, where the body of a newborn baby was found at a dumpsite.

The baby was found in a black plastic bag, its head visible amidst the refuse, near a pile of used diapers. The gruesome discovery was made by residents early in the morning.

“We woke up to see this dumped baby and it got our attention,” said one local resident. “We suspect the baby was dumped overnight, but we don’t know who did it.”

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This incident is not an isolated one, as another resident highlighted the disturbing frequency of such cases in the area. “We still don’t know the reason why so many women are dumping their kids here,” the resident remarked. “Maybe the responsible fathers have refused to take care of them. But dumping is not an option.”

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The Ushewokunze community is deeply troubled by this recurring issue. “In the first place, people should be responsible and find ways to protect their kids because dumping an innocent soul is not fair,” the resident continued.

“Kutoriwo nevamwe vasina vana vacho, apa vamwe vari kutoita vekurasa.”

“There are others who don’t have children, yet some are abandoning theirs.”

Local authorities are urged to investigate these cases and implement measures to prevent further instances of baby dumping. Community members are also called upon to support and educate one another about responsible parenting and available resources for those in need.


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