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Henrics Dhonga, (30) Lloyd Makuzva, (45) and Reality Chuma, (30) were denied bail when they appeared before Harare magistrate Dennis Mangosi.

It is the State’s case that sometime in May, Munyaradzi Ramewa, who is on the run, approached Dhonga and told him that he was involved in a car accident.

He said he wanted him to repair his vehicle since he is a mechanic.

It is alleged they decided to dupe Old Mutual Insurance Company of US$90 000, by insuring the vehicle, when it had already been involved in an accident.

The court heard that on August 14, Dhonga and Makuzva drove to Mutare where they staged an accident. They reported it at the Mutare Traffic Police to enable them to claim from Old Mutual.

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It was alleged that on September 20, Dhonga and Makuzva, through Chuma of Insurance Brokers, claimed the money from Old Mutual.

The money was processed, but their luck ran out, when Old Mutual discovered that the accident photos, sent by the trio, were different from those sent by Road Angels, who attended the staged accident in Mutare.

In another matter, Dhonga and Chuma are being accused of defrauding Cell Insurance of US$1 600. The court heard that a friend of Dhonga, one Debbie Tapera, contacted him wanting his car spraypainted.

Dhonga sent his worker to collect the car at Tapera’s place.

It is alleged that Dhonga instructed his worker to sideswipe the car against a Land Cruiser, which belonged to one of his clients.

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The car was left with scratches on the door and on fenders.

Dhonga then completed Cell Insurance Company forms stating that he was involved in an accident. He then authenticated the accident through using fake police stamps, swindling Cell Insurance of US$1 600.

Dhonga is also being accused of possession of articles for criminal use.

He was found with nine homemade ZRP date stamps, a plain date stamp and one belonging to Mutengi and Nkomo Attorneys.

Some of the fake stamps were for the Officer-in-Charge of ZRP Chitungwiza, Officer-in-Charge Chegutu, Officer-in-Charge Traffic Section, among others.

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Zebedia Bofu prosecuted.

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Mai Titi Pens A Plea To People She’s Owing

Mai Titi plunged into debt after she went for an extravagant wedding with estranged husband Tinashe Maphosa in a union that barely lasted four months.

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