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Tsikidzi/Bedbug Terrorises Kwekwe City: Urgent Action Needed

Tsikidzi/Bedbug Terrorises Kwekwe City: Urgent Action Needed

In Kwekwe, an alarming rise in bedbug infestations has prompted urgent calls for a comprehensive fumigation program. Councillors raised the alarm last week, highlighting the rapid spread of these pests and the need for immediate intervention.

Ward 9 councillor Maxwell Judha expressed his concerns during a full council meeting on Thursday, particularly noting the concerning spread of bedbugs in Mbizo 7. He urged the City Council to address the issue promptly, emphasizing the urgent need for fumigation efforts.

Reports of bedbug infestations have also surfaced in Amaveni, the second-largest suburb in Kwekwe after Mbizo. Councillor Judha stressed the seriousness of the situation, especially in single apartments within Mbizo 7, where the bedbugs are proliferating rapidly.

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“Bedbugs have become a menace, spreading rapidly in my ward in Mbizo 7 singles apartments,” stated Judha. “Last time we had reports from Amaveni, but now in Mbizo, we have reports of bedbugs, indicating a significant spread. I appeal to the health department to expedite the fumigation process before it becomes uncontrollable.”

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Bedbugs, known as “tsikidzi” in Shona, are parasites that feed on the blood of birds and mammals. While they may not directly cause diseases, their presence is highly discomforting, leading to itching and disturbances in sleep. Prolonged itching can even result in secondary skin infections.

Deputy health director Sister Patricia Shumba revealed that the necessary chemicals for fumigation have been procured. “We have purchased chemicals to commence fumigation of the affected areas, and we will be seeking assistance from the community to lead us in this fumigation effort,” said Sister Shumba.

The community is urged to remain vigilant and cooperate with the health department’s efforts to curb the spread of bedbugs, ensuring a healthier and more comfortable living environment for all residents in Kwekwe.

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