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Tungwarara’s US$15 Million ‘Precast Wall’ Bill Questions the Legality Of His Govt Tenders

Tungwarara’s US$15 Million ‘Precast Wall’ Bill Questions the Legality Of His Govt Tenders

Tungwarara’s US$15 Million ‘Precast Wall’ Bill Questions the Legality Of His Govt Tenders

Paul Tempter Tungwarara’s recent invoicing of the government for a staggering US$15 million for the construction of precast walls at State House has raised serious questions about the legality of his government tenders.

Tungwarara, through his company Paulos Construction, clinched the deal to undertake construction works at the President’s official residence and offices, located at Number 1 Chancellor Avenue.

However, the exorbitant amount specified in the invoice has prompted scrutiny from government officials and the public alike.

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The figures presented in the invoice are significantly higher than market rates, according to sources within the Office of the President and Cabinet (OPC).

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This has led to concerns that Tungwarara may be exploiting his connections or employing unethical practices to secure lucrative government contracts.

The rejection of Tungwarara’s US$15 million invoice is not an isolated incident. Last year, the government refused to pay inflated prices by its suppliers, signaling a growing awareness and intolerance towards corruption and malpractice in procurement processes.

Another local construction company is reportedly billing the government US$2 million for a gate at the offices and residential side of State House, further highlighting concerns about inflated pricing.

The rejection of Tungwarara’s invoice has caused divisions within the Finance ministry. While some officials advocate for honoring the terms of the winning tender, others argue that the exorbitant amount charged by Paulos Construction is unjustifiable.

They contend that the amount far exceeds the reasonable cost of the works being undertaken and could potentially fund the construction of hundreds of houses in Zimbabwe’s high-density suburbs.

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Efforts to ascertain the shareholding structure of Paulos Construction have been met with obstacles, further fueling suspicions surrounding the company’s operations.

Despite its legal registration, accessing information about the firm’s directors has proven difficult, raising questions about transparency and accountability.

Tungwarara’s involvement in other government projects, such as the development of a US$500 million cyber city in Mt Hampden near Harare through his firm Prevail International, adds to the complexity of the situation.

His request for Zimbabwe dollar-priced fuel for borehole drilling services, in violation of government policy, further underscores concerns about his business practices.

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In light of these developments, it is imperative for authorities to conduct a thorough investigation into Tungwarara’s government tenders and procurement processes.

Transparency, accountability, and adherence to legal and ethical standards must be upheld to safeguard public resources and ensure fair and equitable access to government contracts.

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